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"We have been using JMK for almost two years now. I have to say that I have always found the service at JMK to be extremely prompt and professional. For me one of the best things about the service is that the Account Manager that looks after our account is always available to speak to, even outside of office hours."
Ben Ofei, Recruitment Consultant

The Most Creative Ideas

JMK Group UK is a provider of innovative solutions to the administrative burdens and costs associated with recruitment in the UK.

Our high quality, diverse and customised services offer businesses and contractors the tools, knowledge and support that will enable them to remain stable players in the recruitment industry.

Browse our wide range of services and see how JMK Group UK could help you.

How We Work

The JMK Group UK has quickly become a leading and reputable recruitment service provider. The internal staff team collectively enjoys the benefit of over 20 years’ recruitment industry experience. This expertise has contributed greatly in providing specialist facilities to recruitment businesses and contractor/freelance workers within the recruitment industry from a variety of different sectors. At JMK, each of our products & services are tailored by industry qualified professionals. Our product suite can be applied to your business as a complete range or they can be hand picked as a single solution depending on your requirements. Here at JMK, it is our main aim that you begin to feel the benefit and added value right from the start of your working relationship with us.

a Our qualifiied and well trained experts will consult with you and discuss your business needs. Each company we work with operates in its own unique way, which is why we take our time to analyse and identify your individual business requirements. This way we can be sure that we apply our services in a way that very quickly has a positive impact for both contractors and agencies.
b We carefully tailor one or more from our range of products to fit your particular business. During this process we can be sure to implement all of your preferences and consider things that you would rather avoid. Our business partners really feel the value of our personal touch, and can be confident that they are getting the best value for money.
We Maximise on the best possible results for you and your business.