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JMK Accountancy is part of the JMK Group UK. Using the group's motto of maximising your income, we aim to add value to your business. Your accountants should be able to offer you more than just producing a set of accounts. We believe that an accountant should provide you with services that you and your business are able to rely upon:
Making a Plan

Whether your company is just at the idea stage or has been trading for a number of years, every company needs to have a plan of action and a set of goals. At JMK Accountancy we believe that if you set a plan it gives you clear goals to achieve and will keep you focused. This is where JMK Accountancy comes into its own.

Regular Monitoring

There is no point in writing a plan, if someone who is not independent does not help you monitor it and track which goals your meeting and which ones you are missing. As JMK Accountancy charges a fixed fee, we factor in a number of meetings throughout the year to assess how the plan is going and what changes may need to be made to get you back on track.

Giving Advice

At JMK we want to change the way people think about their accountants. Our fixed price billing system allows us to spend more time with clients, helping and advising them throughout the year. At regular meetings we will use our vast contact network to help move your business forward and we will address any problems promptly if they arise.

Making us different

What makes us different is very simple. At JMK Accountancy we want to add value to your business and not just produce numbers on a page. We aim to use our unique planning graphical software to help improve your company’s cash flow and maximise its profit.

Making tax simple

The HMRC says, 'Tax doesn't have to be taxing.' However, many people get worried about what they are telling the HMRC. Lots of people are not aware of what they should be declaring and what tax-deductable expenses they can claim. They receive regular reminders from the HMRC but only act at the very last minute.

At JMK Accountancy we use our simple system to gain the relevant information from you to produce your tax return on time. You can relax in the knowledge that experts are dealing with the matter and that you can rely on them.


JMK Accountancy has its own questionnaire that it sends out to clients to make it easier for them to supply all the information that is necessary. The questionnaire examines all the areas of income and expenditure that a client may possibly have encountered during the tax year.

The questionnaire is normally sent out to clients in early May, which is when you should be receiving statements from banks with regards to savings income. If the information is not received by the end of July a second letter is sent requesting the information again.

Get it done early

JMK Accountancy aims to get your tax return completed as quickly as possible after the 5th of April. All tax returns are submitted using our online software. We aim to have a paper copy of your return ready for you to sign no later than the 31st December along with any payments that you will need to pay and the details of how you need to pay it.

Once we receive back the signed copy of the return we will submit it to the HMRC and send you a copy of the confirmation. Get it in on time and avoid the £100 fine and interest.

2nd Payment

If you are a higher tax payer, you may need to make a second payment on the account by the 31st July. As part of its service, JMK Accountancy will write to you in the middle of June to remind you of the total needing to be paid and the details of where you must pay it to.

Getting it done right

Many small to medium size building related businesses struggle to come to grips with their CIS liabilities and requirements. JMK Accountancy aims to help you resolve these problems, be there to advise you and always be at the end of a telephone.

We will process your monthly CIS return, help you with any relevant registrations and make sure that you’re on the right side of the HMRC. We will help to validate whether your subcontractors are on the correct deductions.

But I am just a sub contactor

If you are having 20% deducted off all of your CIS work you are likely to be entitled to a tax rebate at the end of the tax year. JMK Accountancy - for a one off fixed fee - will produce your tax return and have the money paid straight from the HMRC to any bank account you decide. For a quotation please call the JMK Accountancy office.

BACS CIS Payments

JMK Accountancy can remove the administrative headache of paying your subcontractors. For a fixed price we will BACS pay your subcontractors each week or month, deducting the 20% and then paying it across to the HMRC on your behalf. Furthermore, we can also take over the complete bookkeeping aspect of your business allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

Tendering for work

Have you ever wanted to tender for work but have been put off by the large amount of paperwork and cost involved? Sometimes taking on large building jobs can actually be harmful to your business by tying up money in materials and making it harder for you to pay your workers. JMK Accountancy will help you examine whether you have the funds to complete the project or if additional funding may be needed. We can help you produce a business plan to take to the bank or other investors.

Solutions that fit, not fitting to solutions, for a simple, fixed price

A lot of other accountants will offer a one-stop solution for your payroll needs; JMK Accountancy is different. At the first meeting with our directors they will ask questions to find out what services you actually need. This could be a mixture of weekly, bi weekly, 4 weekly or monthly payrolls. We will then create a bespoke package for your company for a fixed monthly fee.

Fixed Price

The fixed fee is tailored to your company’s needs. We do not charge a fee each time we add or remove an employee and our price will include the preparation and submission of the year end P35 and P11D and production of P45s for any leavers. JMK Accountancy will also deal with any queries from the HMRC about your company. PAYE is included in the price.

Paying your PAYE on time

From April 2010 the HMRC have introduced a new penalty system for late payers of the PAYE. JMK Accountancy shall advice you of your liability by the 15th of each month giving you plenty of time to make your payment and avoid any additional penalties.

Professional Advice

JMK Accountancy is run by qualified accountants with years of experience in dealing with both payroll and the HMRC. You will be in safe hands and your employees’ tax status will be dealt with correctly.


JMK Accountancy has a number of contacts with different pension providers and can help you set up and administer a pension scheme, which will be in line with the current stakeholder pension laws.

What is this?

Most small-to-medium size business owners just want to get out there and sell their products/services, but are often tied up dealing with their accounts and administration. The bookkeeping is often left to the very end of the month, and because it is not their area of expertise find it hard to understand what the figures are telling them and whether they are correct.

The virtual accounts department removes these problems with a simple and cost-effective method. We offer a service which is more than just bookkeeping but instead is bespoke to your company’s needs.

We can include in the service:

  • Invoicing
  • Debt Collection
  • Processing suppliers invoices
  • Paying suppliers
  • Banking of cheques
  • Sending statements to clients
  • Book Keeping
  • PAYE
  • Payroll
  • Internal Auditing
  • Stock taking
  • VAT
  • CIS
  • Company secretarial duties
Dedicated Phone Line

Part of this service is to help give your customers and suppliers the impression that your organisation has a fully functioning accounts department. Using new telephone technology we can have a number dedicated to your business that can be answered by one of our staff as if they were in your office.

We can also provide this service as a receptionist so your clients and suppliers never have to leave a message on an answer phone. The telephone lines are manned Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm in our London based offices.

Solutions that fit, not fitting to solutions

A lot of other accountants will offer a one dimensional solution to your accountancy needs. JMK Accountancy will ask questions about your business, its goals and how you would like to see your business move forward. This meeting is free of charge and enables us to gain a full understanding of your business.

The next stage would then be to put together a plan and set specific milestones that can be assessed at regular meetings, all included in the monthly fixed price. The price is also tailored to your requirements and the affordability to the company.

How can this help

Our finance director service is aimed at companies who may have a bookkeeper or accounts staff but want that little extra. Whilst these staff operate the day-to-day running of the business with few problems they need to be monitored by a more experienced and qualified accountant. They are often unable to help you plan any future strategy or offer you any useful advice.

A FD is too costly

It can often be too costly to get a qualified accountant on board as a full time member of staff but our service is tailored it to your needs. An experienced finance director will regularly visit your work place and produce management accounts in both standard figures and graphical charts. This will allow you, as the management of the company, to make fully informed decisions.

Set Budgets

As part of setting achievable goals for your company you need to set a budget. This will include both your sales targets and expenditure levels. These targets then need to be monitored on a regular basis so that any changes can be implemented to help you meet your goals.

As part of the Finance Director role we will present the management accounts at board meetings and explain in non-accountancy terms what has and has not been achieved. These meetings could be at our offices in Uxbridge or a location convenient for you.

Dealing with the Bank, Company House and HMRC

As part of the fixed price we will liaise with the bank on your behalf. Often bank managers find it a little more reassuring when a client has a qualified finance director monitoring the company’s financial situation. This helps build a better relationship between the bank and yourself.

As a business owner you will get letters from different organisation such as HMRC and Companies House informing you of actions you need to take to meet set deadlines. Part of our role would be to take over these issues and resolve these problems before they arise, allowing you to run your business and to avoid being subject to fines and penalties.

Solutions that fit not fitting to solutions

A lot of other accountants will offer a one dimensional solution to your accountancy needs. JMK Accountancy will ask questions about your business, its goals and how you would like to see your business move forward. This meeting is free of charge and enables us to gain a full understanding of your business.

The next stage would then be to put together a plan and set specific milestones that can be assessed at regular meetings, all included in the monthly fixed price. The price is also tailored to your requirements and the affordability to the company.

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Using our experience

With staff members who have experience of working within the development of accountancy software, JMK Accountancy can help plan and implement any new accountancy system. With our wide knowledge of which systems are available on the market we can help fit the package to your needs.

Auditing your processes and software

Have you ever thought that your accountancy software system could do with updating? JMK Accountancy will come and do a software system audit on your current software and evaluate whether it could be improved or amended. Changes to your systems may allow you to improve company efficiency and profitability.

We can also audit your non-accountancy systems by independently examining them and recommending any potential changes. We will then discuss the current systems and make recommendations on how they may be amended to help improve company efficiency.

Do you always recommend the same package?

No. There is no single system that suits every business. Every company is different and as such its software needs are different. JMK Accountancy will always put the need of the company first because we know that if the systems are right at the start then the company can move forward and meet its full potential.

A bespoke IT system to meet the needs your business

Within the JMK Group UK we have our own IT software house. With the help of JMK Accountancy we can design and customize software to allow your business to become more profitable and efficient. We can project manage the implementation and training of the system from start to finish, therefore removing the headache of introducing a new IT system.

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Setting up a business bank account is very simple. Once you have your registration documents we can help register you with HSBC or Barclays bank.

With HSBC we will send you an application form which you will need to complete and sign and send back with a copy of your passport and a copy of a utility bill. The account will normally be opened within 48 hours.

If you wish to bank with Barclays, simply inform us and we will send your details to their registration team who will make an appointment to come and see you.

All banks will offer you 18 months free banking when you sign up with them. We have no favouritism as to which bank you use but will normally recommend you use the bank you normally use for your current account.

Forming a company couldn't be simpler. Click on the link below which will send you to Quick Formations. This is a website operated by a third party provider specialising in the formation of companies. We would advise that you perform a name check for the limited company you wish to register. When naming your company, we would also recommend researching your chosen field for any legal implications of the name you are looking to use. In general a simple name can often be most effective.

When naming your company there are a few things you need to remember:

      You cannot use the name "Group" in the name of the company unless you are forming a group of companies.
      You cannot try and copycat a famous company as you will find the registration will be blocked by Companies House.
      You need to have the details of where you want your registered office to be.
      You do need your credit card to pay for the limited company.

The Company takes about 3-12 hours to form and all you need when forming the company is an incorporation certificate and an electronic version of the articles and memorandum of association.

Once you have followed the simple steps and formed your company we can then register you for our services.