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"I have been working with Aqueel and the JMK Group on a weekly basis for over a year now. Having previously used several payroll companies in the past, I honestly could not recommend Aqueel and the team highly enough. If we have a problem, he moves heaven & earth to resolve it as soon as possible, even if this means going beyond the call of duty and managing our account outside of his working hours. Aqueel also keeps his relationship approachable and friendly with us, which I find not only refreshing but helpful."
Nick Judd
Connect 4 Recruitment


At JMK Group UK we believe the most effective and long lasting business relationships stem from a true understanding of each others needs. We take pride in our client relationships and know how valuable their knowledge is to our own success. We are also very honest and forthright in our expectations of how a client should best use our services and we believe this honesty is key to maintaining a healthy working relationship.

With this in mind we follow a four stage process with all our clients to ensure the right services for your business are always provided.

Working Conditions

All businesses are different. With this in mind JMK have designed a range of services that can be tailored to specific needs. We take great interest in our clients business operations and take the time to learn about their services. We truly believe that by understanding what they do we are better placed to help them succeed.
Once we get to know our clients we use our in-house expertise to identify the services that can benefit them. Ensuring clients receive the services they need. Our team of experts help to ensure that they fully understand our services, making sure they know how to get the most out of JMK.
As clients’ needs change and develop so to do our services. By refusing to stick to a rigid off the shelf service structure, JMK remain flexible enough to respond to the changing needs of our clients businesses as well as our own.
We constantly strive for the best service possible by encouraging communication with our clients. Our dedicated account managers are always on hand to answer any queries or concerns. We find that listening to our clients and developing a true understanding of their business is the key to our success.

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