JMK Group UK
Frequently asked questions
Am I employed by JMK?

You are an employee of JMK Group UK for the whole time you are on our payroll. This protects your continuity of employment and entitlement to statutory benefits and is achieved by JMK paying your basic pay while you are on an assignment. While you are between assignments, you are still employed by JMK unless a P45 is issued. It also ensures that certain expenses you incur (as a mobile employee of JMK) are properly payable tax-free.

Are my expenses reimbursed in full?

Your expenses are not reimbursed to you in full. They are used to reduce your taxable income. The HMRC impose strict guidelines on the amount of expenses that can be claimed and JMK will only apply expenses within these limits . In some cases this may mean that JMK won't be able to apply the full value of your claim. However any balance of expenses will remain on record for use against future payments.

Do I need to provide receipts for all my expense claims?

You may at any time be asked to produce expense receipts. Every time you make a claim you must retain a valid receipt. Please refer to the expenses guide for thresholds for unreceipted claims. It is important to note that although at these levels claims can be made unreceipted they must be legitimate and you must be able if requested to produce a valid receipt. For this reason JMK recommend you send all receipts for them to record, as these will be checked, logged and securely stored.

How does JMK work?

Upon receiving your approved timesheet, JMK Group UK will invoice your agency/hirer for the work you have completed. Once JMK have received payment, payroll is calculated deducting full PAYE tax and NI contributions. Before these tax and NI deductions are made your legitimate business expenditure is applied to reduce your taxable income (So remember to keep those receipts). After the payroll has been calculated JMK will notify you by SMS, issue your payslip and make a payment direct to your bank account.

What is the CIS margin fee?

A total of £17.50 is deducted from your weekly salary to cover the CIS margin. This covers administration and is inclusive of Personal Accident Insurance provided by Chartis Insurance. This policy covers you against accidental death and total, permanent or temporary disablement while carrying out occupational duties.